Friday, 19 December 2014

Writer's Block

Writer's Block. What is it? Why do I get it? How can I move beyond it?

Do you suffer from writer's block? I have. I did not understand why I had it, or how I could overcome it. Many days I would stare at a blank screen, not spitting out a single word. It was after reading Cec Murphy's book "The Writer Within," an Oak Tara release, that the lights suddenly blazed. It was fear of rejection from publishers. That's why I avoided writing.

Rejection, however, is no longer a big deal, because numerous authors have chosen to go the indie route. Many, subsequently, have found publishers.

Antidote: Prayer, prayer and more prayer. After praying with a prayer warrior at church one Sunday morning, I went to the computer and the words began flowing like mighty waters. It was about a year after that I was offered a contract with Oak Tara.

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  1. So glad that I could go to your blog, Marlene. It's fun to see your photo and be able to picture you while communicating through email. I look forward to your new novel release.